Yenpapir Beach in Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat Regency

Mansuar Island is part of Raja Ampat Regency and it is famous for its seascape. One of the reasons to visit the island is the presence of Yenpapir Beach. The stunning coast becomes tourists’ favorite, especially to do beach walking and relaxation. Plus, the location is easy to reach. Enjoying the pristine atmosphere and pure seascape is a good idea for those visiting Yenpapir, after all. Somehow, the beach becomes a spot to eradicate stresses and lessen life issues. Not to mention tourists also have an opportunity to explore the beach and its nautical beauty!

The Nuance 
It is common sense. Mansuar Island is acknowledged by its beautiful beach and corals. The sand is white and it comes with excellent smoothness. Not to mention the environment is neat and clean! Simply put, it is quite comfortable to walk on Yenpapir Beach. Some coconut trees grow near to the beach, as well. What about the sea? It is faultless! No trash is seen in the water. Due to its clarity, some corals are even visible from afar. In the horizon, there is a formation of islands, on which tourists can visit later.

Exploring Yenpapir Beach
Yenpapir is considered a pure coast. No wonder it becomes a recommended location for photography. The calm waves and refreshing air make it more comfortable for visitors, as well. The water is warm, so people can dip in in comfort. That means swimming is allowed there, even for children. The fact is that some parts of the beach are shallow. It is even safe to swim both during low tide and high tide. Thanks to the small waves and weak currents. As if, Yenpapir Beach acts as a natural giant pool, providing a good environment for swimmers.

Apart from swimming, the beach is also suitable for snorkeling. Some spots are even recommended to witness manta rays. That means diving also becomes a common tourist activity there. Getting closer to an enormous sea creature is both thrilling and fun. It is an alternative to visiting Manta Point in Arborek Island. Is manta ray dangerous? Some people might be afraid of this animal, but it causes no harm to people. As long as tourists come with an instructor or guide, it is safe to get closer to such enormous sea creature.

In a nutshell, Yenpapir Beach is a perfect location to enjoy numerous activities like beach walking, swimming, and snorkeling. Some people also choose the beach as their spot for relaxation. It is because the location is near to a famous accommodation, which is called Papua Diving Resort. This explains why several honeymooners also come to the beach to spend a romantic vacation.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kri Island
  • Batanta Island
  • Waigeo Island

How to Get There
So, how can travelers get to Yenpapir Beach? As mentioned before, the beach is located in Mansuar Island. However, tourists need to head to Waisai City first. From Jakarta, it even requires an airplane to reach Marinda Airport. Next, they must head to Waisai Port and rent a speedboat. The last destination is Mansuar. The rent fee of the speedboat is more expensive during holidays, though.

Where to Stay

  • Sorido Bay Resort
  • Papua Explorers Dive Resort
  • Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort

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