Yenauwyau Lake in Sauwandarek Village, Raja Ampat Regency

Each tourist spot in Raja Ampat Regency is worth a visit. For example, there is Sauwandarek Village. What makes it different than other villages? In Sawinggrai, tourists can witness the birds of paradise. In Arborek Village, they are into manta Rays. What about Sauwandarek? Well, one of its charms is Yenauwyau Lake. Despite the name, the lake has salty water. Apart from that, the locals consider it a sacred site. They believe a mystical creature is living in the lake, which also becomes a reason why tourists keep visiting the lake.

The Nuance
Tourists will be stunned by the serenity of Yenauwyau Lake. The water is calm and clean, after all. Due to this reason, it is suitable for sightseeing and relaxing. Swimming is possible, but the locals won’t recommend it to tourists. What’s more? There is even a pier, on which visitors can explore. From the pier, people can do fishing. In the same location, there are cottages for resting. Though, it doesn’t come in a good condition.

Exploring Yenauwyau Lake
As mentioned before, villagers consider the lake as a sacred site. The rumor has it. A legendary white turtle lives in the location. In accordance with locals’ belief, lucky people who accidentally see the creature would be blessed by luck and prosperity. Apart from looking for the chance to see the white turtle, visitors can take advantage of the charm of the lake for relaxation. The serene nuance would definitely mesmerize any visitors. Plus, the lake is a good spot to enjoy a beautiful and romantic sunset.

A white turtle is indeed the main reason why people visit Yenauwyau Lake. However, other creatures are also seen in the location. For example, there is a group of local bird called Maleo Waigeo. The fact is that it is the signature bird of Sauwandarek Village, so visitors can conduct birdwatching in comfort. Next, it is the pier. The lake features a traditional wooden pier, on which people can visit and relax in. From the location, they are able to witness breathtaking lake views with either friends or family.

Once they explore the lake, it is time to go back to the village and meet the locals. Villagers have a friendly attitude towards any tourists, after all. Their houses are simple and traditional and their foods are great! Another thing people can do in Sauwandarek is snorkeling in the nearby beach. It is true that Yenauwyau Lake is a beautiful site, but the beach is also worth a visit. Both the beauty of those attractions is second to none.

Nearby Attractions

  • Dampier Strait
  • Sauwandarek Village
  • Yenauwyau Nature Pond

How to Get There
Thanks to the presence of Marinda Airport in Waisai City. Travelers can reach Waigeo Island in an easier manner. Once tourists arrive in Waisai, they should directly head to the port. Next, it takes about 4 hours to reach Arborek Island, where the village resides. It is considered a long trip, so tourists need to have prepared both money and foods beforehand. Not to mention it is important to choose the right accommodations.

Where to Stay

  • Waigeo Villa
  • Waiwo Dive Resort
  • Cottage Water Waigeo

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