The Legendary Pef Island in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province

Indonesia is a rich nation and it is the home of tons of islands. One of the best references is Raja Ampat Regency, which is part of West Papua Province. There is a legendary island called Pef! This simple and beautiful island becomes travelers’ choice when it comes to stunning bays and water sports. The location is near to Gam, Fam, and Wayag Island. No wonder, it often becomes a checkpoint for island hopping. Some locals even call it the mini version of Raja Ampat, due to its formation of small islands. It is a worthy vacation destination, for sure.

The Nuance
It is a little bit difficult to describe Pef Island. As mentioned before, it is the small version of Raja Ampat, consisting of several small islands and karst cliffs. It is also surrounded by virgin jungles and stunning bays. Not to mention tourists can visit the blue lagoons, where they can relax. For those who love water sports, the pristine blue-water awaits them out there with numerous corals and reefs. Plus, the white sand of the beaches is worth an exploration

Exploring Pef Island
Many types of activities can be done in Pef Island. For example, it is nature adventure. That means tourists would get around the island and enjoy numerous types of animals and natural objects. As for reference, there are majestic reefs, which often become a background for photography. Next, it is time to visit the mangroves and unspoiled forests. Some parts of the island even offer a hiking opportunity to visitors. Some wild animals are also seen in that location. These include cuscus, monitor lizards, and local birds.

The next attraction of Pef Island is the legend. It is said there was a king living in the island. Someday, he overheard people talking about rebellion. Due to his sadness and fury, he hit the cliffs with his hands wrathfully. As the result, the land is scattered and formed several bays and islets. He even said that he would keep his eyes on the island. In fact, there is his hand print, imprinted on the limestone near the shoreline. No wonder, this becomes one of the best lures of the island.

What’s next? Pef Island also offers some perfect locations to enjoy the sunset. People can even explore those locations using a kayak, including the route to mangroves. On top of that, there is a hidden lake, located near to the mangrove forests. With a little bit effort, everyone is able to explore the island wholeheartedly. Also, it requires some money to rent the kayak or canoe (kayak tour).

Nearby Attractions

  • Waigeo Island
  • Wayag Island
  • Mansuar Island

How to Get There
From Jakarta, tourists should take an airplane to Marinda Airport, which is located in Waisai City. Once they get there, it is time to reach nearby port and ride a speedboat to Pef Island. It is a long voyage, so they need to prepare some snacks and bottled drink beforehand. Not to mention it takes much money, either to rent a resort room or facilities.

Where to Stay

  • Raja 4 Divers Resort

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