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For those who enjoy diving in Raja Ampat, do not worry about the hospitality to stay, because you can find convenient resorts at some places in Raja Ampat. Numbers of stays like Batbitim, Misool (Misool Eco Resort), and excellent bungalows and charming traditional huts at Cape Kri, Manswar Island (Papua Diving) are available. Others choice available to you are inns at Saonek and Wailebet, Batanta, and, currently being developed by the local government, cottages in Waisai, Waiwo and Yenwauwpnor. There are also cottages and restaurants which do not only provide accommodation but also decent home style meal with reasonable economic prize.

From many of these accommodation, it takes only a 5 to 15 minutes boat ride to the chosen dive or snorkel site where the visitors can indulge in the fantastic underwater biodiversity; or hang out on the beach and enjoy the sea view and inspiring tropical sunset. Some of the accommodation also provide rental service on diving and snorkeling equipments.

Currently the Raja Ampat Tourism are also preparing 5 major Tourism Villages that will be introduced as part of its efforts to preserve the nature and local cultural life which also can be used as the choices of on land excursions for non divers or in between the dives itself. Each Tourism villages will be designed according to its unique and will be equipped by accommodation.

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