Visiting Petite Wai Island in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province

When it is about West Papua Province, most people talk about Raja Ampat. It becomes quite famous among travelers, especially nature lovers. Such archipelago offers numerous options of islands regardless of the size and attractions. For instance, there is Wai Island. Despite the small size, it attracts many visitors over time. Thanks to its reliable diving spots. That means most of the visitors are divers and snorkelers. Still, Wai is also a recommended location for those who look for a peaceful place to relax.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, Wai has a small size and it is covered by lush plants. The best feature of the island is undeniably the diving spots, which are scattered near to the beaches. The next attraction is the white sandy coastal area, where people can walk comfortably. The texture of the sand is quite soft, so it won’t hurt their feet. Most of the time, the weather is warm and the wind is quite breezy. When it comes to the waves, it is calm and safe. No wonder, beginners can enjoy diving without any problems.

Exploring Wai Island
The fact is that Wai is located near to Batanta Island. It is true most visitors choose Wai as the next destination when spending a holiday in Batanta. That means island hopping is quite recommended. Tourists would be able to enjoy two different islands one at a time, which is a worthy experience. They don’t even need to worry about the transportation service, as a speedboat is always ready for them. Yet, the price is quite expensive, especially during holidays and weekends.

Once tourists get to Wai Island, they can simply explore the beach and the best thing to do is beach walking, as the sand is beautiful and soft. It is even possible to witness the corals and fishes from the shoreline. Thanks to the great visibility of the sea. Apart from those attractions, a formation of pine trees grows well near to the beach. It contributes to the comfort nuance of the island, so tourists are able to relax under those trees. Plus, the zephyr is soothing!

What’s next? It is as simple as birdwatching, as some local birds live on the island. The make birds often show their dances, trying to attract the females. This is indeed a unique attraction for tourists, so they should have prepared a camera to capture such beautiful moment. For those who are going to spend several days in Wai, it is better to rent a room in a nearby homestay. Despite the expensive price, it is worth an expense as tourists can get numerous amenities with nature scenery. Also, the best time to visit Wai is between October and November.

Nearby Attractions

  • Batanta Island
  • Waiwo Island
  • Sorong City

How to Get There
From Jakarta, the first checkpoint is Sorong City. That means travelers need to take an airplane to Domine Eduard Osok Airport. From there, they may continue their trip to Sorong Port. It is the location, on which they can get a speedboat service. Thus, the last destination is Wai Island. The location is near to Batanta Island, actually.

Where to Stay
Hotels are available in Sorong City

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