Tagor Waterfall in Fakfak Regency, West Papua Province

Fakfak Regency becomes one of the most visited tourist spots in West Papua Province. Thanks to the lush nature and beautiful landscape. As for reference, there is Tagor Waterfall. The location is near to Mambunibuni Village and it takes a bit trekking to reach the spot. Due to its challenging location, visitors have the chance to perform hiking and exploration. There is only one purpose, which is to witness majestic waterfall. Apart from sightseeing and trekking, tourists also come to the location for photography. Some spots are even perfect to capture the flawless beauty of nature.

The Nuance
Tagor is considered a high waterfall, as the water goes down from the top of the hill. It is also surrounded by rocks and bushes. Moreover, several tall trees grow abundantly near to it. When it comes to nuance, it is quite refreshing, especially in the morning. Sometimes, small rainbows occur that mesmerize everyone! What’s more? Below, there is a natural pond, on which visitors can dip in. It is a little bit dip, though. Parents should supervise their kids in order to prevent any problems.

Exploring Tagor Waterfall
So, what people can do in Tagor Waterfall? First, it is definitely trekking. As mentioned before, tourists should undergo a small hiking in order to reach the location. It takes hours, in fact. Despite the challenging effort, they would be rewarded with breathtaking natural views and a beautiful waterfall. It is going to be a worthy adventure. As for tips, they must wear proper footwear, as the route is not quite smooth. Not to mention it is important to carry some snacks and bottled water. Plus, it takes a much stamina and focus.

Once they reach the waterfall, it is time to reach the best spot for photography and sightseeing. The location is suitable for both beginners and professional photographers, after all. Some even visit the falls to make a beautiful painting. Regardless of the activities, tourists should come at the right time. At least, they must avoid months that come with lots of rainfalls. Summer is the best choice when it comes to a vacation to Tagor, actually. For further information, they can talk to the tour agent.

Another fun thing to do in Tagor Waterfall is swimming or taking bath in its natural pond. The water is quite rejuvenating and fresh. Some people even believe it can replenish stamina and eradicate some health issues. One thing, the water can be quite cold in the morning. That means it is better to visit the location at noon or afternoon when the water is warm and comfortable. Also, they should not forget to bring extra clothes!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The first destination is Torea Airport, which is located in Fakfak Regency. That means outsiders should ride an airplane to reach Torea. From there, they have two options to reach the waterfall. First, it is through a route near to an inactive wood factory. The condition is not quite good, though. Another choice is to go to the location by foot. It takes about 6 hours. Not to mention it is tiring and challenging.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Papua Hotel

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