Star Lagoon in Pianemo Island, Raja Ampat Regency

Raja Ampat Regency consists of numerous islands and all of them offer absolute beauty. Pianemo Island is not an exception, actually. Due to its lush nature and beautiful landscape, the island becomes one of the most visited tourist spots in Raja Ampat. To be exact, it is because of the unique Star Lagoon. The locals call it “Laguna Bintang”, which represents the shape of the lagoon. The star shape appears due to the presence of a formation of karsts, so it looks unique and beautiful!

The Nuance
As mentioned before, the karsts surround the lagoon and create the shape of a star. This unique scenery is only visible from above, though. That means tourists need to get on the hill first by climbing. Many trees and bushes grow on the karsts and they create the lush atmosphere. This explains why the air in the location is quite refreshing. What about the water? Star Lagoon features clear water with green Tosca color. Some parts of it are shallow, while the others are deep. Still, it is possible to go snorkeling there.

Exploring Star Lagoon
Some people may ask what they can do in Star Lagoon. Well, the prime activity is sightseeing! Thanks to the presence of a trekking path. Tourists can use it to get to the top of the hill and observe breathtaking scenery from above and feel the breeze of the wind. Moreover, the shape of the star is indeed visible from the location. These perks can only available for those giving some effort to reach the top of the hill. Have no worries. With proper footwear and awareness, everyone can do it!

The Star Lagoon is located in the east of Painemo Island. Due to a difficult route, it is better to come with a tour guide. At least, he can help visitors to get around the lagoon in an efficient manner. Despite the price, a guide becomes a big help when visiting the location. As an alternative, a map is also useful. This item can be acquired from any tour agent, which is more affordable than hiring a tour guide.

Another fun thing to do is to go snorkeling. As mentioned before, the water is warm and clear. That means it gives both comfort and excellent visibility to tourists. On top of that, the lagoon features many types of small corals and colorful fishes. Here is the thing. No facilities are available there, so tourists should prepare the gear and tools beforehand. That means visitors should carry their own snorkeling gear to Star Lagoon. These include the fins and mask.

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How to Get There
As mentioned before, Star Lagoon is located in Pianemo Island. In this case, tourists should head to Sorong City first. For outsiders, it even takes an airplane to Domine Eduard Osok Airport. Next, they must visit Sorong Port and head to Pianemo Island. As an alternative, they can come from Waisai Port, which is located in Waigeo.

Where to Stay

  • Sea Fans Homestay
  • Pianemo Homestay
  • Waiwo Dive Resort
  • Doberai Eco Resort
  • Miosba Homestay

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