Playing Water in Yeben Beach in Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Regency is chosen as the most popular vacation destination in West Papua Province. It consists of many islands, which are worth a visit. All of them are beautiful and offer comforting atmosphere, in fact. In the biggest island of Raja Ampat, Waigeo, there is a small islet called Yeben. It is the home of a flawless beach and the locals call it Yeben Beach. Today, it becomes a primary vacation spot for those who are exploring Yeben Island and Waigeo, as it features beautiful landscape and sea scenery.

The Nuance
The flawless nature represents Yeben Beach. It features stunning white sand and clear water. Moreover, some parts of the shore are shallow, on which tourists can walk on it freely. Both local boats and speedboats are able to get closer to the seashore, as well. In the horizon, tourists might see a hill with its lush trees. The sky is blue and the clouds are not many. When it comes to the waves, they are moderate. Swimming and snorkeling are possible there, as long as tourists have sufficient skills and experience to do so.

Exploring Yeben Beach
In summer, the beach becomes so much popular among tourists. That means more people may come during such occasion, as the weather is warmer and nicer. Not to mention the water becomes clearer. This explains why people call Yeben Beach as “Cermin Samudra” or the Ocean’s Mirror. Thanks to the clarity of the water. Yeben Island has the size of about 500,000 m2 and the main attraction is definitely the beach. The question is what people can do there. Due to its beauty and serene nuance, most people perform beach walking there.

The comfortable atmosphere of Yeben Beach is quite soothing. This explains why visitors are likely to do beach walking and sightseeing at the same time. Apart from sea scenery, visitors are able to witness mangroves and some wild creatures. Plus, the seawater is crystal clear. It may mesmerize all visitors and eradicate stresses at once. Also, the texture of the sand is soft, so it won’t hurt the feet. With all those natural attractions, tourists should never miss the chance to capture them using a camera. That means photography is recommended there.

Another popular activity is snorkeling. With the visibility or clarity of 5 meters, Yeben Beach is popular among divers. Not to mention the water is warm, so it provides the best comfort to sea explorers. During snorkeling, tourists are able to enjoy beautiful corals and several small fishes. Furthermore, they have the chance to witness manta rays! Those unique creatures rarely appear, though.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pianemo Island
  • Kabui Cape
  • Waisai City

How to Get There
As the name suggests, the beach is located in Yeben Island. From Jakarta, tourists should take an airplane to Waigeo Island. To be exact, the destination is Marinda Airport in Waisai City. From there, they need to head to Waisai Port and ride a speedboat to Yeben Island. The whole trip is indeed tiring, but it is worth both the money and effort. Visitors will be rewarded by a flawless beach of a majestic island, Yeben.

Where to Stay

  • Pianemo Homestay
  • The Cove Resort

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