Soop Island in Sorong City, Raja Ampat Regency

There is an unlimited option of vacation spots in Raja Ampat Regency. For those visiting Sorong City, Soop Island is a good reference to enjoy sea scenery and meet local people. The fact is that it is an inhabited island. However, it is not as crowded as Sorong City. Due to an easy accessibility, tourists can easily reach the island and enjoy a serene nuance there. Thanks to the presence of Sorong Port. In fact, many types of boats are available to use. These include a longboat and speedboat.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Soop Island is not quite big. Tourists can even explore and get around the island by foot. It takes only one hour to do it, after all. Like other islands in Raja Ampat Regency, Soop features a charming beach. The yellow color of the sand is appealing and it comes with a soft texture. Near to the coast, many trees grow richly. They become a natural shelter for those who visit the beach. Visitors are allowed to pick some fresh coconuts and drink them directly, in fact. Later, they should continue the adventure by visiting nearby local settlement and try their delicious foods.

Exploring Soop Island
The best thing to do in Soop Island is to do a small exploration. For example, beach walking is quite recommended. The views of the coast are mesmerizing, as the sea water is clear and clean. If people get tired, they can simply sit on the beach and inhale the fresh air. Due to this reason, most of the tourists visit the island in the morning, when the air is the freshest and the sun ray is warm. On the other hand, the temperature gets high at noon, so it is not comfortable to do beach walking.

As mentioned before, there is a small village residing in Soop Island. People who live in the village are quite traditional. That means they don’t live in accordance with newest trends and technology. It’s good news for tourists, though. That means they can experience a local’s life with its culture. Plus, the villagers are friendly. They are full of smile and laughter. Not to mention some local kids are seen, playing around the village. They even greet visitors wholeheartedly. For any new visitors, villagers often give areca nuts to them.

No accommodations are available in Soop Island. Thus, tourists should have rented a room in Sorong City prior to heading to the island. As an alternative, they can talk to villagers and use one of their rooms for resting. It is possible. As for the tip, tourists should take advantage of a tour guide, as he helps them to get around the village and talk to villagers in an efficient manner. In the afternoon, make sure to carry a fishing rod to the coast. It is time to catch some fishes and grill them right away!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Soop Island is located near to Sorong City. From Jakarta, take an airplane to Domine Eduard Osok Airport. Next, tourists only need to rent a local boat to Soop. The price is affordable, after all. In fact, there is a chance to bargain.

Where to Stay

  • Manise Hotel
  • Asri Hotel
  • M Hotel Express
  • Aquarius Hotel

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