Araway Waterfall in Tiplol Mayalibit Sub-District, Raja Ampat

Almost all travelers have ever heard about Raja Ampat Regency. It is a perfect destination for numerous fun activities like diving and trekking. The fact is many nature tourism references are available there. One of them is called Araway Waterfall, which is located in Tiplol Mayalibit Sub-district. As the name suggests, it belongs to Araway Village. The locals often call it a mini waterfall due to its small size, actually. Another unique thing is the location, as it resides near to the sea. Not to mention the water goes down directly to the sea!

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, the size of Araway Waterfall is not quite big. Despite the small size, it emits a calm and beautiful aura. The nuance is peaceful, as well. It helps visitors to eradicate stresses and find peace. Plus, the sound of the water is relaxing! Tourists even have an opportunity to get into the water and swim in it. Near to the falls, shady bushes grow abundantly and they create a comfy atmosphere. With all those features, visitors can do many things like relaxing, swimming, trekking, and photography. Later, they can also visit Araway Village and meet local people.

Exploring Araway Waterfall
Tourists have distinct reasons in visiting the waterfall. Some of them are interested in its secluded location, actually. It is true the trip involves a speedboat from Waisai City, which takes about 1 hour. Not to mention the waterfall is surrounded by bushes and small trees. As for the guide, tourists should follow the sound of the water or hire a tour guide. As an alternative, they can come with local people. Once they reach the location, they will be stunned by the beauty of the waterfall. Plus, the environment is pristine, as no trash is seen in the location.

Apart from the unspoiled beauty of the waterfall, people come to the location to enjoy its freshness. Despite the small size, the water flows swiftly. This lures tourists to get in the water and feel its rejuvenating sensation. The fact is the water is drinkable, as the source comes from Noch Mountain. For those who love trekking, it is possible to explore a nearby forest. It takes only a few of minutes to reach the source of the water, after all. During trekking, tourists may see many trees and stunning river! What a beautiful adventure!

Being a recommended tourist spot in Tiplol Mayalibit Sub-district, Araway Waterfall never fails to amaze visitors. The thing is tourists should come with proper footwear, as they are likely to perform trekking later. As for accommodations, they can either rent hotels in Waisai City or talk to Araway Villagers regarding the room. If they are lucky, they are able to sleep in a villager’s house. It requires good communication skills, though.

Nearby Attractions

  • Waisai City
  • Mayalibit Bay
  • Araway Waterfall

How to Get There
The waterfall resides near to Araway Village. For outsiders, the best transportation option is an airplane and they need to head to Marinda Airport in Waisai City. From there, the next destination is Tiplol Mayalibit Sub-district, where the village is located.

Where to Stay

  • Tera Ailan Resort
  • Maras Risen Hotel

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