Wondrous Mansuar Island in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province

When it is about a vacation in Raja Ampat, some people are into Mansuar Island. Such beautiful tourist spot becomes many people’s choice these days. It offers an excellent beach and dense forests. For those who love an adventure, Mansuar is a good option. Most of the visitors have a particular motive in visiting such island, which is to enjoy snorkeling. They also want to witness some local birds and a peaceful atmosphere in the forest. In a nutshell, the island is suitable for both adventurers and nature lovers.

The Nuance
Like other islands in Raja Ampat Regency, Mansuar features clear seawater. There is even a pier, on which tourists can visit. It is the best spot to go fishing and enjoy sea scenery, after all. Near to the pier, there is a traditional structure, used for relaxation and gathering. In the shoreline, there are similar structures, scattered on the white sand. In the back, lots of coconut trees grow beautifully and create a rejuvenating atmosphere. Not to mention there is a hill, on which tourists can explore. That means hiking is quite popular there.

Exploring Mansuar Island
The fact is that Mansuar Island has beautiful corals, so everyone is allowed to explore it. No wonder, many tourists come for either diving or snorkeling. Due to a good visibility, beginners are able to enjoy diving safely. In fact, people can see the corals plainly up to 10 meters of depth without performing diving. Apart from corals, a school of stunning fishes lives in the sea. Simply put, both beginners and professionals are able to take part of such fun activity.

Near to Mansuar Island, some recommended diving spots are available. Tourists often come to those points for witnessing Manta Rays. The size of such creature is enormous! Some locals even call them Devil Fish, due to their eerie appearance. In order to enjoy the best diving experience, tourists need to spend some money, though. It is because the diving package is only provided by a nearby resort. Therefore, it is better to have prepared the money beforehand. It is also useful to buy foods and rent a speedboat later.

The next adventure is in nearby beach, which is called Yenpapir. This beautiful coast becomes tourists’ alternative to enjoy a holiday in Mansuar Island. No one can deny the beauty of the beach’s white sand and blue seawater. When it is about accommodations, the most recommended one is Papua Diving Resort. It comes with the best amenities and affordable prices, so everyone can afford it. On top of that, the resort offers excellent diving packages to its guests.

Nearby Attractions

  • Kri Island
  • Batanta Island
  • Waigeo Island

How to Get There
For those coming from Jakarta, the first destination is Waisai City. In this case, they need to take an airplane to Marinda Airport. From there, their next destination is Waisai Port and takes a speedboat to Mansuar Island. This whole trip takes much time and money. However, no one would regret it!

Where to Stay

  • Sorido Bay Resort
  • Papua Explorers Dive Resort
  • Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort

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