The Beauty of Love Pool in Balbulol, Misool Island, Raja Ampat Regency

Raja Ampat is related to the raw nature and a formation of islands. It is safe to say such archipelago is the most recommended vacation spot in West Papua Province. Being one of the islands, Misool Island keeps luring more visitors every single day. Thanks to the lush environment and stunning karsts. However, there is also Love Pool, which emits a charming nuance and a peaceful atmosphere. As the name suggests, the shape of the pool is similar to a heart. It can only be seen from above, though.

The Nuance
Serenity is the right word to describe Love Pool. It is because the location is surrounded by lush trees and a big karst. Any visitors would feel comfortable and rejuvenated there. When it comes to the pool, it has a small size. However, the water is superb! It emits blue color and peaceful ambiance. From above, the pool looks like a heart. That means tourists need to reach a higher location in order to see such shape. Once they reach the top of a hill, they can also take some pictures of it using a camera.

Exploring Love Pool
The fact is that Love Pool becomes the part of Misool’s best nature attractions. It is also one of the most recommended tourist spots in Raja Ampat Regency. Not only the pool has a unique shape, but it also offers pristine color of the water. The crystal clear pool water combines into an unspoiled beauty of nature. That means it is suitable for both relaxation and sightseeing. A big karst and lush trees also become an interesting background, while people enjoy a good time there.

The karst is covered by small vegetation and trees. It is the only shade to protect tourists from the heat of the sun. That means Love Pool is considered sunny and hot at noon, but the water is warm. The reflection of the sun ray creates a wondrous illumination on the surface of the water. This is definitely an excellent location to eradicate stresses and find inspirations. For some people, the pool can be a good object for photography, as it has a unique shape and emits lovely ambiance.

The best tourist’s activity in Love Pool is definitely swimming. The beauty and comfort of the nature pool lure any people who visit the location. As if, it mesmerizes people to dip in the water right away. It is clear water everywhere! On top of that, the temperature is warm, so it gives comfort to any swimmers. For those who want to feel the cooler water, they should come in the morning instead. Enjoy!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Love Pool belongs to Misool Island, which is reachable from Sorong Port using a speedboat. First, travelers need to head to Sorong City by airplane. Once they reach Domine Eduard Osok, they can use any local transportation to the port. The rent fee is expensive during holidays, though. A small trip to Misool using a speedboat is both fun and efficient, so it is worth the money.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Swiss-Belhotel
  • Papua Paradise Eco Resort

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