Reaching Harfat Jaya (Dapunlol) Peak in Misool Island, Raja Ampat

Being one of the most popular islands in Raja Ampat Regency, Misool is a recommended destination for a holiday. One of the reasons to visit Misool is its Harfat Jaya Peak. The locals call it Dapunlol. The location is suitable for hiking, sightseeing, and photography. It also offers various types of natural attractions like karsts, flora, lagoon, etc. Harfat Jaya derives from the name of famous people, who once lived in South Misool village. Today, it becomes more popular among tourists, especially those spending a holiday in Misool.

The Nuance
Misool Island is indeed beautiful, but it appears better from above. This explains why tourists want to reach the top of Harfat Jaya and witness such breathtaking scenery. Reaching the top of the mountain takes much stamina, but it the scenery never ceases to amaze hikers. What people need to do is to follow the available route. Once they reach the summit, the refreshing air and stunning views may amaze them. No grassy land is available, so tourists can simply sit on the rocky surface. It doesn’t hurt, after all.

Exploring Harfat Jaya
It is a no brainer. The most popular activity in Harfat Jaya is hiking or trekking, as the landscape is nice. The top of the mountain offers flawless scenery and rejuvenating atmosphere. It takes a little bit effort to reach the location, but it is quite rewarding. At the end of the trekking, tourists would unlock the perfect views of Misool Island. These include lagoons, karsts, lush trees, reefs, and much more. For those loving photography, all of those views are worth a photo shoot after all. That means the tiredness of the hiking would be eradicated at once.

A route to reach Harfat Jaya is considered easy. That means trekkers aren’t likely to use the help of a tour guide. However, it is better to come with companion or friends. This way, hikers are able to deal with any risks such as injury and fatigue. In order to reduce the risk of problems, trekkers should have prepared several things such as bottled water, medicine, snacks, and proper clothes. It is because the temperature can be unpredictable sometimes. Also, no facilities are available in the location.

Despite the secluded location, Harfat Jaya has been recognized by all tourists, both domestic and foreigners. Hiking is a new hobby, so it is indeed popular among tourists. Due to this reason, Misool provides a recommended spot to explore, especially for hikers. The weather is cool and the route is easy, so everyone is able to take an opportunity to climb the mountain. Don’t forget to carry a camera, though!

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How to Get There
The mountain is located in Misool Island. However, no airport is available on the island, so tourists need to head to Sorong City first. From Jakarta, take a plane to Domine Eduard Osok Airport and visit Sorong Port. Next, it takes a speedboat to reach Misool. Once they get there, it is time to head to Dapunlol with any available transportation.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Swiss-Bel hotel
  • Papua Paradise Eco Resort

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