Putri Termenung Cave in Len Makana Island, Raja Ampat

What is the best thing to do in Raja Ampat Regency? Travelers are given many options to enjoy many types of tourism. For nature lovers, there is a unique spot in Len Makana Island. The name is Putri Termenung Cave. Putri means “princess” and Termenung means “reflective”. Why is the name, actually? It is because of the presence of a natural statue, having the shape similar to a sad princess. Due to its uniqueness and remote location, the cave becomes a recommended vacation destination in Raja Ampat these days.

The Nuance
The nuance is dark and a little bit soggy. This explains why tourists need to wear proper clothes and footwear when getting in the cave. Not to mention they should carry a flashlight. This way, tourists won’t get lost or hurt when exploring the cave. In a particular part of the cave, a unique limestone resides. The official name is the Reflective Princess. The shape is similar to a human and it emits a thrilling aura. Despite the scary appearance, it often becomes an object for photography, though. No wonder, many tourists carry a camera when entering the cave.

Exploring Putri Termenung Cave
In general, the cave consists of mostly limestone. The best attraction is definitely the natural statue of a reflective princess. It appears like a sitting lady, showing a sad expression. For some people, it looks scary! The others consider it unique, though. This explains why such figure attracts many visitors recently. Despite such weirdness, no myth is related to it. Even the locals have no information regarding “Putri Termenung”. Still, the cave emits an eerie atmosphere, as it is dark and moist.  Only nature lovers and curious tourists would like to explore it with passion.

Apart from such unique limestone, Putri Termenung Cave has other attractions. For example, it is the nests of swallows. These birds build the nests on the wall of the cave, which are covered by stalactites. Even though there are many of them, tourists are not allowed to touch or disturb the birds. The locals protect the habitat of such creature, after all. The fact is that the birds are quite sensitive to the presence of visitors. No wonder, they may fly once people get near to them.

The question is whether tourists need to hire a tour guide or not when exploring the cave. It is recommended to come with an expert. It helps them to get around the cave in an efficient manner, after all. Despite the cost, the help is quite useful, especially for foreigners. Once tourists explore the cave, they may continue their adventure by getting around Len Makana Island.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Jakarta, tourists must take an airplane to the first checkpoint (Sorong City). There is a famous airport, called Domine Eduard Osok in Sorong. From there, the next destination is Misool Island. That means travelers must rent a speedboat from Sorong Port to Misool. Next, another boat is required to reach Len Makana Island, where the cave is situated.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Swiss-Belhotel
  • Papua Paradise Eco Resort

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