Ubur – Ubur (Jellyfish) Lake in Misool Island, Raja Ampat

Not all people love jellyfishes, but such animals are indeed cute. In Misool Island, there is Lenmakana Lake. It is the home of beautiful jellyfishes and it becomes one of the best tourist attractions in Misool. Here is the thing. The creatures don’t sting, so people can swim with them wholeheartedly. Due to their beautiful appearance and calm attitude, the jellyfishes become a great companion when exploring the lake by swimming. They also become a good object for photography! No wonder, many tourists carry an underwater camera in case of taking some pictures of them.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, no muddy sediment exists on the floor of the lake. That means the water keeps clean and clear despite the number of swimmers. Due to this reason, everyone is able to witness beautiful jellyfishes without disturbance (no dirty water and attacks from those creatures). The pink color of the jellyfishes mesmerizes swimmers and the warm water comforts them. The only matter is the depth of the lake, which is not suitable for children and inexperienced swimmers.

Exploring Ubur – Ubur (Jellyfish) Lake  
Despite the secluded location, Jellyfish Lake is worth a visit. The clear water makes the creatures visible, even without getting into it. That means tourists can go sightseeing from the land! As for the tip, they need to come to the lake at noon, when the sun shines brightly. It is because the sun ray may enter the water and provide superb illumination to it. No wonder, the jellyfishes are seen more plainly at the time. This helps visitors to enjoy the attraction in a more satisfying manner.

Swimming is a popular activity in Lenmakana Lake. That means tourists want to get a different swimming experience, which is accompanied by lots of jellyfishes. As mentioned before, the water is quite clear. It is because the lake doesn’t feature muddy sediment that often makes the water dirty. When it comes to the depth, it is indeed deep. What about the temperature? It’s is warm at noon and cold in the morning. Kids are allowed to get in the water as long as they are under parents’ supervision.

The question is why the jellyfish don’t attack people? It is because they don’t consider human as a threat. Due to this reason, it is possible to swim and get closer to them without worries. Their pink color is attractive and their calm behavior is impressive. In fact, many photographers come to the location to take beautiful pictures of the jellyfish. They should use an underwater camera, though. Also, it is better to get in the water at noon, as the temperature is comfortable and the visibility is at its best.

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How to Get There
Lenmakana Lake is part of Misool’s tourist attractions. In order to reach the island, tourists need to go to Sorong City first. Once they reach Domine Eduard Osok, the next destination is Sorong Port. It is the spot, on which they can rent a speedboat. The last trip is to reach Misool, where the lake resides. The thing is they need to perform a small trekking to the location. In this case, a help of a tour guide is a good idea.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Swiss-Belhotel
  • Papua Paradise Eco Resort

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