Gamfi Snorkel Spot in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

Raja Ampat is the gem of the eastern part of Indonesia. Thanks to its pristine seascape and majestic islands. For those who love snorkeling, there is a good spot in Misool Island. To be exact, the location is near to Gamfi Beach. With crystal clear water and rejuvenating atmosphere, the spot becomes tourists’ paradise, especially for snorkeling. Due to its popularity, the dive spot remains a hot issue these days. That means both locals and foreigners are interested in visiting the location, regardless of their dive skills.

The Nuance
The first thing to describe is the clarity of the water. Fortunately, the snorkel spot offers crystal clear sea water and a good visibility. Due to this reason, it makes easier to people to explore the sea. Thanks to such clarity. Many types of corals and fishes are quite visible down there. Even tourists can take pictures using an underwater camera. However, the corals don’t come in lavish color. When it comes to sea currents, it is moderate. Some parts of it are calm, though.

Exploring Gamfi Snorkel Spot
The nautical beauty of Gamfi Snorkel Spot is undisputed. However, people should pay attention to several things prior to getting in the water. Snorkeling is a fun activity, but it can be dangerous sometimes. For first timers, a poor and disappointing experience is common. Inexperienced people are likely to fun difficulties in exploring all parts of such snorkel spot. They can even get hurt if conduct it without good equipment, basic skills, and knowledge. The most common issues are fear, exhaustion, leaking, injury, and boredom.

So, what are the solutions? Gamfi Snorkel Spot becomes a waste if people don’t know how to explore it. First, make sure to learn some knowledge and tips from the locals. It is better to take advantage of the help of an instructor. He may tell tourists regarding how to do snorkeling in a safe and efficient manner. Not to mention he helps beginners to reach the best spot for witnessing corals and fishes. There is no more fear of wasting time to find those attractions.

Fogging is a common issue when it comes to wearing a mask. Can people prevent it? Importantly, they should wear a mask that is in the right shape and size. This way, fogging and leaking isn't likely to happen. The similar case happens when it comes to choosing fins. They should fit and comfortable. It is because different options of fins determine the swiftness of the movements during snorkeling. All snorkel instructors would definitely approve this statement. Even though Gamfi Snorkel Spot offers a comfortable underwater environment, accidents do happen, especially those who ignore the basic instructions.

Nearby Attractions

  • Raja Island
  • Batanta Island
  • Salawati Island
  • Gamfi Beach

How to Get There
Gamfi Snorkel Spot is located near to the Gamfi Beach, but tourists should head to Misool Island first. From Jakarta, they should reach Sorong City by airplane. The first checkpoint is Eduard Airport. Next, it is time to head to Sorong Port and rent a speedboat to Misool. From Gamfi Beach, it takes another boat to reach the dive spot.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Swiss-Belhotel
  • Papua Paradise Eco Resort

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