Balbulol Lagoon in Misool Island, Raja Ampat Regency

Misool Island is one of the best references of tourist spots in Raja Ampat Regency. It becomes a popular vacation destination due to its beautiful beaches and other natural attractions. One of them is called Balbulol Lagoon, which offers breathtaking views and rejuvenating atmosphere. People keep coming to the location to eradicate stresses and witness majestic formation of karst reefs, which are located in the midst of the sea. Not to mention they come to the lagoon to conduct photography, regardless of the skills.

The Nuance
It is a little bit complicated to describe the beauty of Balbulol Lagoon. However, the water is quite clear, so everyone can see the corals underwater barely. The water emits Tosca color and warm condition. Apart from the stunning appearance of the water, tourists can also find a formation of karts. These are located in the midst of the lagoon, so people need to use a speedboat to explore all of those natural attractions. When it comes to the waves, the lagoon is considered calm and safe for either snorkeling or swimming.

Exploring Balbulol Lagoon
The best attraction in Balbulol Lagoon is definitely the karsts. These natural attractions look majestic and unique. There are only two major karsts, which become the prime lure of the lagoon. Their shape is quite iconic, as well. It is similar to a pyramid with a tall figure. All of the reefs have some bushes and small trees growing on them. No wonder, they often become a background for photography. The thing is the karsts are not suitable for climbing, so tourists can only observe or take some pictures of them.

The next lure in Balbulol Lagoon is the nautical creatures. These include beautiful fishes and corals. Not to mention some birds also live in the location. They are often seen flying above the karsts. Some of them even come near to the land, for feeding. What’s next? Another charm of Balbulol is the sun views. That means tourists can enjoy stunning sunrise and sunset in the location. This explains why many of them come to the lagoon either in the morning or afternoon when the sun appears beautifully.

Here is another idea. Tourists should get in the water and swim in there. The thing is people should have good skills in swimming, as the water is a little bit deep. As an alternative, they can wear floats. For those who can’t swim, renting a speedboat is a better option. This helps them to get around the karsts easily. At the end of the adventure, they can eat some foods and enjoy refreshments before visiting other tourist spots in Misool.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Balbulol Lagoon is located in Misool Island and it takes much time to reach the location. For outsiders, an airplane becomes compulsory. The checkpoint is in Eduard Osok Airport, which is located in Sorong City. Next, they should directly reach Sorong Port and take a speedboat to Misool. Once they get to the island, the last destination is the beach. That’s all.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Swiss-Belhotel
  • Papua Paradise Eco Resort

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