Getting Closer to Sea Turtles in Teteruga Beach, Raja Ampat Regency

Raja Ampat Regency is known as a beautiful archipelago and it is the home of lots of tourist spots. As for reference, there is Teteruga Beach in Waigeo Island. Not only it features stunning scenery, but it also offers a unique attraction like the group of sea turtles. No wonder, “Teteruga” is the local name of such creature. If tourists are lucky, they can even encounter the famous Pacific Green Turtle. Snorkeling and exploring the nautical beauty of the beach would definitely satisfy everyone.

The Nuance
Teteruga Beach is indeed beautiful, which features white sand and blue seawater. The waves are calm, so it becomes a perfect location for snorkeling. Near to the shoreline, bushes and trees grow abundantly there. That means the nuance is shady and cool, as the trees prevent the heat of the sun from harming tourists. When it comes to the sea, the color is astonishing, which is Tosca. Some sea turtles and fishes are seen underwater, especially in January. They are all beautiful!

Exploring Teteruga Beach
It is a no brainer. The most famous attraction in Teteruga Beach is the sea turtles. This explains why tourists would carry a camera and take some pictures of the animal. It is a little bit difficult, though. Not only they need to find the right location, where the sea turtles often appear, but they also need to use a proper camera. Not to mention it requires basic snorkeling skills to explore the sea and find the sea turtles. As for the tips, tourists can take advantage of a tour guide’s help. This person knows the exact location of sea turtles’ habitat and how to capture beautiful pictures of them.

Chelonia Mydas or Pacific Green Turtles have attracted many naturalists and animal lovers. Due to this reason, more travelers want to visit Teteruga Beach. They want to witness those beautiful nautical creatures directly. The fact is that the beach becomes a suitable environment for sea turtles to lay some eggs. Despite the presence of predators, these animals keep reproducing. This explains why tourists are likely to encounter them during snorkeling.

Apart from sea turtles, Teteruga Beach is also famous for its serene nuance. That means tourists can also take advantage of its calm atmosphere for relaxation, especially for those living in a big city. Spending good times in Teteruga helps them eradicate stresses, after all. Later, they can go back to nearby homestay to rest before continuing the next adventure. Also, they have an opportunity to visit nearby tourist attractions, which are located on Waigeo Island. It may become a worthy holiday, for sure.

Nearby Attractions

  • Waisai City
  • Mansuar Island
  • Kawe Island

How to Get There
There are two alternatives in reaching Teteruga Beach. The prime destination is Waigeo Island, after all. If tourists choose Waisai City, they need to head to Marinda Airport using an airplane. Next, they can simply take any local transportation service and head to the beach. The thing is sea turtles are not always seen on the beach, so travelers need to know the right schedule. In this case, they can talk to their tour agent first.

Where to Stay

  • Waigeo Villa
  • Waiwo Dive Resort
  • Cottage Water Waigeo

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