Yapyap Lagoon in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

What can people do in Raja Ampat Regency? Well, it is all about natural attractions. That means tourists have unlimited options of nature tourism in such archipelago. As for reference, there is Yapyap Lagoon, which is located in Misool Island. It is famous for its nautical creatures and serene environment. That means the lagoon is everyone’s choice for relaxation and sightseeing. Also, it becomes a place for adventure, especially for those who love nature. Despite the secluded location, such tourist spot has been attracting many visitors over time.

The Nuance
Like other lagoons in Misool Island, Yapyap features crystal clear water and karsts. The color of the water is green Tosca and it feels quite warm. When it is about the karts, they are taller than those of other lagoons. Some of the karsts even have coconut trees on them. They look gorgeous! One of them has a shape, which is similar to a pencil or a tip of a spear. No wonder, this becomes the prime charm of the lagoon. Most of the people might take pictures of such object, as well.

Exploring Yapyap Lagoon
According to the locals, Yapyap is both secluded and mysterious. Not many outsiders know about the location, in fact. That means tourists need a help of a tour guide in exploring the location. The atmosphere is peaceful, though. Thanks to its desolated status. Even though there is a nearby village, visitors should take a challenging route in reaching the lagoon. It is because the location is behind the Karst Mountains. Have no worries, as this becomes an opportunity for an adventure!

The best thing about Yapyap Lagoon is the presence of a nearby hill, which is available for climbing. Visitors can reach the top of the hill to witness spending scenery and feel the comforting atmosphere. Also, many spots for photography are available there. The size of the lagoon is big and the nuance is serene. The color of the water may change, too. It depends on the temperature and condition of the sea. On top of that, the lagoon has a perfect spot to witness sunset!

For those looking for relaxation, Yapyap is indeed a good destination. Apart from that, the location is suitable for photography and other fun activities. The hill becomes another feature there, on which people can climb. With all these attractions, Yapyap is considered a hidden gem of Misool Island. The secluded location doesn’t make it a neglected tourist spot, so tourists would keep coming there during holidays. That’s for sure. Plus, it is located to near to a local settlement, which is also worthy to visit.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
It is true tourists should undergo a difficult path to reach Yapyap lagoon. Not to mention the option of transportation service is limited. It requires a little bit trekking, in fact. First, they need to reach Sorong City and head to the port. From the location, they may rent a speedboat to reach Misool Island. Lastly, they should pass through a challenging route to approach the lagoon. It includes a steep hill and slippery landscape.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Swiss-Belhotel
  • Papua Paradise Eco Resort

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