A Vacation in Sawinggrai Village in Raja Ampat Regency

What would people do in Raja Ampat Regency? Such region offers lots of tourist spots to travelers, including Sawinggrai Village. The location is in Meos Mansar District, which is reachable from different locations. Apart from the culture, such local settlement becomes the home of local animals, especially birds and fishes. Due to this reason, most tourists come to the location to do some fun things like sightseeing, photography and learning the culture. Not to mention it offers some good spots for snorkeling. With all these interesting tour options, Sawinggrai should be in the list of the best vacation destinations in Raja Ampat.

The Nuance
Like other villages in Raja Ampat, Sawinggrai features some traditional houses and lush trees. According to the locals, there are about 38 households in the village and most of the villagers work as a carver. Their houses are made of main woods and located near to the sea. This explains why tourists can see some local boats, as well. In the back, many types of trees grow abundantly. These include coconut trees and pines. When it comes to the water, it is clear and calm. Thus, snorkeling is popular there.

Exploring Sawinggrai Village
What can tourists do in Sawinggrai Village? Well, sightseeing is definitely recommended. The main attraction is the school of birds of paradise (Cendrawasih). As the name suggests, the appearance of those birds is mesmerizing. This explains why most visitors would likely to visit their habitat and take some pictures of them. The fact is that they can witness them closely. It is because the birds live comfortably and safely in the location, as the villagers take a good care of the environment.

The next adventure is definitely snorkeling. Due to the presence of crystal clear seawater, tourists would like to get in it. Moreover, some beautiful fishes are seen underwater. Their number is indeed abundant, which may entertain everyone. Apart from snorkeling, people can simply swim in the sea. The water is warm, after all. Though, they should avoid swimming at noon, when the heat reaches its peak. As for the tip, the best time to visit Sawinggrai is in the morning.

Another adventure is related to local foods. The villagers are nice and friendly, so tourists have the chance to try their foods. The most famous one is called Sate Ulat Sagu, which is made of sago. In terms of appearance, it is similar to a skewer. Though, it doesn’t include any meat. Another popular traditional food is Papeda, which is similar to porridge. The thing is the locals use sago as its primary ingredient instead of rice.

Nearby Attractions

  • Mansuar Island
  • Daroyen Village

How to Get There
In order to reach Sawinggrai Village, tourists must head to Waisai City first. From Jakarta, it involves a flight to Marinda Airport. Once travelers get to Waisai, they can use a speedboat in Usaha Mina Port. The destination is indeed Sawinggrai. The problem is there are no facilities in the location. Even tourists are not able to use their phone due to the signal problem.

Where to Stay

  • Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort
  • Papua Explorers Dive Resort
  • Doberai Resort

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