Daram Beach in Misool Island, Raja Ampat Regency

What is the reason for visiting Raja Ampat Regency? Well, it can be anything, as tourists have a distinct preference. Some of them are into its culinary, while others want to enjoy natural beauty like beaches. In this case, Daram Beach should be on their list. This coastal area is famous for its coconut trees and cream-colored sand. This explains why most tourists come to Daram to conduct beach walking and relaxation. They are amazed by the flawless nature and pure weather.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, the beach features soft brown sand with its soft texture. No wonder, almost all people are into beach walking. In the shoreline, tourists might see a unique scattered trunk. No one knows how its history, though. Due to the unique shape, people make it as a background for their photography. What’s next? Well, it is related to the formation of beautiful coconut trees. Their presence gives a shady and cozy nuance to the beach, on which people can relax. Not to mention the fruits are so refreshing and delicious.

Exploring Daram Beach
Daram has become a beach gateway in Raja Ampat Regency, along with the other beaches. Many people come to the location to lay back and enjoy a serene nuance of the beach. Moreover, it emits a tropical feel with its warm atmosphere. There is a word representing Daram, which is the peace. It is because the beauty is unspoiled and no villagers live nearby. That means tourists won’t find many visitors there, which is quite beneficial to them. It is because they can enjoy the beach without any annoying noises and other problems.

Visiting a tropical beach always becomes everyone’s preference. In this case, Daram is a good reference. It offers a wonderful sea and stunning landscape of the shoreline. Not to mention the coconut trees grow abundantly, creating and comfortable nuance. In fact, tourists are allowed to climb those trees and pick some coconuts for drinking. This way, everyone has an opportunity to enjoy comfortable sea scenery, while drinking fresh coconut drink. It is natural that people love a cozy place. The flawless view of the sea may catch tourists’ eye!

Deciding to come to Daram Beach, when visiting Raja Ampat, is a no-brainer. Apart from sightseeing under the coconut tree and drink such fresh natural refreshment, tourists can swim in the water. The warm and calm seawater would satisfy everyone, especially swimmers. However, the waves are considered unpredictable during high tide. That means visitors should keep an eye on the level of the waves prior to getting in the water.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Daram Beach
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How to Get There
Daram Beach is part of Misool Island. That means travelers should take an airplane to Sorong City first. Once they reach Domine Eduard Osok Airport, they may continue the trip to the nearby port. From there, they might use a speedboat to head to Misool. It is indeed a long trip for outsiders. The whole trip is shorter for those living in West Papua Province, though.

Where to Stay

  • Amaris Hotel
  • Swiss-Belhotel
  • Papua Paradise Eco Resort

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