Observing Dotted Shark in Jaam Island, Raja Ampat Regency

What is the motive in visiting Raja Ampat Regency? Well, it can be anything. Even travelers have their own reason for exploring such stunning archipelago. It is true such region consists of many islands. No wonder, the option of is considered limitless. For those looking for a new adventure, there is Jaam Island. It is famous for its nautical beauty and majestic creatures. The best attraction is Kalabia or Dotted Shark, which is considered a rare species. Such nocturnal creature can only be seen by exploring the sea near to Jaam. That means diving is quite common there.

The Nuance
Let’s describe Jaam Island. The most recognizable thing is the beach, which features white sand and calm sea. The texture of the sand is flawless or soft, so it won’t hurt tourists’ feet. Near to it, there is a formation of coral reef, on which people can climb. Due to the strategic location, the beach offers the best sight of the sunset! What’s next? The water is calm and safe, so tourists are able to explore it without hassles. The thing is they must have prepared the diving gears beforehand, as there are no facilities nearby.

Exploring Jaam Island
It is a no brainer. Most of the tourists visit Jaam Island to witness rare Dotted Sharks. According to the locals, those animals are sacred and rare. The color and pattern of the skin are similar to that of a leopard! Still, the shape is similar to other types of shark. Usually, these majestic sea creatures can be found on the floor of the sea. No wonder, the locals often call them Hiu Karpet or Carpet Shark. For divers, it takes a little bit effort to find them.

Sometimes, those sharks are seen easily, as they are looking for foods. At the time, divers may encounter and swim along with them. Even beginners have the chance a big opportunity to witness such creatures. The size of the shark is about 45 cm, so it is quite visible underwater. Not to mention the color is vibrant! Due to their unique color and texture, they become a perfect object for nautical photography. This explains why many divers would prepare an underwater camera, prior to getting in the water.

What’s next? Well, it is time to explore nearby islands. The fact is that Jaam is located near to neighboring isles, including Misool, Warakeraket, and Pelee. This way, a speedboat becomes a primary service to obtain. The price is expensive, but it is worthy. Moreover, tourists can visit different islands with distinct beauty one at a time during the holiday. Don’t forget to enjoy their local foods, as well. These include grilled seafood and Barapen.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pelee Island
  • Warakeraket Island
  • Misool Island

How to Get There
From Jakarta, the first destination is Sorong City and tourists should use an airplane. Once they reach Eduard Airport, it is time to visit Sorong Port and take a speedboat to South Misool District. To be exact, the destination is Jaam Island and it doesn’t take much time from Sorong Port.

Where to Stay

  • Harapan Jaya Inn

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