Sea Sanctuaries Trust in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

The richness of nautical environment provides numerous benefits to both animals and human. It even becomes an interesting vacation destination for tourists. Being one of the best locations to dive, Raja Ampat Regency depends on its marine life in order to attract more visitors. Due to this reason, they work well in retaining the quality of the sea and its corals. This explains why Sea Sanctuaries Trust becomes more popular as the time goes by, which is considered a recommended natural conservation to visit. On top of that, people have become more aware of nature, so they give lots of attention to such location.

The Nuance
Once tourists get in the water, they are able to see mesmerizing nautical beauty offered by Sea Sanctuaries Trust. The fact is that the management prohibits any actions that cause harm to the sea. That means the underwater environment is pristine and astonishing. Plus, the water is crystal clear with excellent visibility. Many types of corals reside on the bottom of the sea, so divers can explore them wholeheartedly. Not to mention tons of fishes swim around beautifully with their distinct color. What an attraction!

Exploring Sea Sanctuaries Trust
Raja Ampat Regency is located in the heart of Indonesian Coral Triangle. No wonder, lots of species of fishes and corals reside there. Not to mention many invertebrates live in such region, and more species are found over time. In order to promote the importance of nautical beauty and richness to people, the government decides to open Sea Sanctuaries Trust to public. Hopefully, it helps increase tourists’ knowledge regarding the efforts to protect such natural gems. With all people involved, any damages and threats can be minimized.

Apart from supporting and retaining marine biodiversity, Sea Sanctuaries Trust has become a good spot for exploration. That means visitors have the chance to enjoy stunning corals and fishes, while diving. They can learn different types of sea attractions with the help of the keeper. Not to mention they may study a strategy for retaining or conserving marine habitats there. Thanks to the management. Today, tourists are able to find more fishes and other marine objects in Raja Ampat. The purpose of such conservation is to prevent numerous threats, especially over-exploitation.

With proper gear and skills, everyone is allowed to get on the water and explore the beauty of the conservation. These include corals, fishes, and other marine biodiversities. There is even a team, helping visitors to explore the sea. At the end of the adventure, tourists would get both knowledge and fun. With all these things, Sea Sanctuaries Trust becomes a recommended vacation spot for those visiting Raja Ampat. That means it should be on the list of a tour package, so any travelers must drop by sometimes.

Nearby Attractions

  • Mansuar Island
  • Fam Island
  • Jar Island

How to Get There
Sea Sanctuaries Trust is located near to Fam and Pianemo Island. How can tourists get there? First, they need to visit Sorong City. In this case, an airplane service is required and the destination is Domine Eduard Osok. Next, they need to rent a speedboat and head to Pianemo Island. A tour guide will help them reach the location, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Sea Fans Homestay
  • Pianemo Homestay
  • Waiwo Dive Resort
  • Doberai Eco Resort
  • Miosba Homestay

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