The Lonely Kawei Island in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province

Visiting Raja Ampat Regency is indeed rewarding. It is part of West Papua Province and features many options of islands, including Kawei. Some people even say it is a primary island to visit when spending a vacation in Raja Ampat. It belongs to West Waigeo District, inhabited by nomads and fishermen. With is mesmerizing corals and beautiful fishes, Kawei becomes a good location to go snorkeling. Another popular icon of Kawei Island is the Equator Monument, which is a new recreational place for tourists.

The Nuance
Kawei Island is a peaceful spot for relaxation. It has different types of landscapes, including hills, beaches, and a savanna. For tourists, the most interesting location to explore is the beach. It features white sand and moderate sea waves. When it comes to the land, not many tall trees are available. Thus, the beach seems plain and hot. For those coming for beach walking, it is better to come to the shore either in the morning or afternoon, when the sun is not quite hot.

Kawei Island also has a bay called Teluk Hole Siput (Hole Snails Bay), very beautiful, because there are so many types of coral reefs can be found there, but you have to be careful, even though the surrounding looks shallow, the central of bay is very deep, its depth from 80 to 120 meters because there are deep trenches there, that is why was named Hole Snails, so you better be careful for enjoying the underwater beauty of Kawei Island.

Exploring Kawei Island
Kawei is famous for its beautiful coast. That’s undisputed. Even boats can easily approach the shoreline due to calm waves. As mentioned before, beach walking is a common activity there. People can walk around the beach, witnessing sea scenery and enjoying the gusty wind. It is possible to go swimming, as well. The reason is because the waves are quite calm and warm. For those who love snorkeling, some spot of the Kawei Beach is also suitable for such activity. A help of a tour guide is important, though.

Some tourists say Kawei Island is similar to Wayag, featuring karst hills. However, it has a distinct quality as compared to other islands in Raja Ampat. For instance, it is the location. Kawei is located in the tip of Indonesian’s equator line. No wonder, tourists would find an Equator Monument there. During the inauguration, there were more than a hundred of people attending such event. That means the locals are proud of such landmark. Hopefully, it becomes as famous as the one, which is located in Pontianak City. Also, it should be one of the best tourist destinations in West Papua Province.

Despite its lonely nuance, Kawei Island offers several fun activities to visitors. That means tourists won’t get bored when exploring it. Two major attractions are Kawei Beach and Equator Monument, as explained earlier. What’s next? Tourists can talk to the locals and try their traditional foods! The most famous local dish is Barapen Chicken. The texture of the meat is soft and the taste is mouthwatering.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to reach Kawei Island, tourists should spend 3 hours from Waisai Port (Waigeo Island). That means they need to rent a speedboat to reach the location. For those coming from Jakarta, they need to use an airplane and head to Waisai City first. Their destination is Marinda Airport. Next, they must head to Waisai Port and take a speedboat to Kawei. That’s all.

Where to Stay

  • Prajas Homestay
  • Talaip Homestay
  • Way Tunu Homestay

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