A Vacation in Saonek Monde Island, Raja Ampat Regency

Raja Ampat has been included to the Four Kings (the best spots on planet to enjoy nautical beauty). Thanks to the flawless nature and tempting diving spots. No wonder, more travelers keep coming to such regency and explore all the islands. One of the most recommended destinations is Saonek Monde, which is famous for its exotic beaches and underwater beauty. Not to mention tourists take advantage of the island to perform camping and fishing. Also, some of them have a particular motive, which is to witness a romantic and stunning sunset!

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, Saonek Monde Island is similar to Wayag. However, it emits a distinct beauty. According to some travelers, the most popular spot is the wooden pier, on which they can go fishing. In that location, tourists can also enjoy the stunning sunset in the dusk. Some boats are seen near to the pier, carrying some visitors. In the shoreline, there is even a local cottage, where tourists can relax and eat something. When it comes to the water, it is calm and clear. It is even accessible for swimming and snorkeling.

Exploring Saonek Monde Island
The most popular activity in Saonek Monde is camping. Some spots are suitable to build a tent and spend a night or two with friends. It is also because the island offers a comfortable nuance, especially in the evening. Tourists can make a bonfire and grill some seafood while enjoying the breeze of the wind.  When it comes to the best spot to build the tent, it is under the trees near to the beach. The thing is the island is uninhabited, so no villagers would pass by. That means a serene atmosphere would accompany tourists when camping.

The next activity is to explore the pier, which is located near to the beach. The lush trees become the background of it, actually. In such location, tourists can spend some time fishing. However, they need to prepare a fishing rod beforehand, as there is no facility to rent such item. Apart from fishing, visitors can enjoy other fun activities, including snorkeling and swimming. Once again, they need to prepare the gears beforehand. Have no worries. It is available in Waisai City.

Another interesting activity is witnessing the stunning sunset. No wonder, most tourists come to the island before dusk. They reach the pier for witnessing such romantic nature phenomenon. In this case, it is better to come to Saonek Monde Island with the special one. That means the island becomes another reference to improve the relationship with either a spouse or bf/gf.

Nearby Attractions

  • Mansuar Island
  • Waisai City
  • Waigeo Island

How to Get There
Saonek Monde Island is located near to Waisai City, so it is quite reachable. From Jakarta, travelers need to reach Waisai using an airplane. The destination is Marinda Airport. Next, they must head to the port and take a speedboat to reach Saonek Monde. It takes about 30 minutes to reach such serene island. However, it takes longer using a traditional boat. So, tourists should prefer a speedboat to a local boat for a faster voyage.

Where to Stay

  • Najwa Indah Inn
  • Tera Ailan Heritage Resort
  • Maras Risen Hotel

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