Banos Beach in Raja Ampat, West Papua Province

Misool Island is indeed a famous reference in Raja Ampat Regency. Near to it, there is a small island called Banos. Such petite island is known for its unspoiled beach. The name is similar to that of the island, which is Banos Beach. Due to its serene atmosphere, the beach becomes a popular destination for beach walking and swimming. Some people also come to the beach to take pictures. That means photographers take advantage of the island for its natural background. Overall, it is a great location to spend a holiday regardless of the motives.

The Nuance
Banos Beach features different types of beauty. For example, there is the creamy colored sand with its soft texture. This explains why many tourists would enjoy beach walking and get around the beach barefoot! They want to feel the warm sand and cozy wind. Near to the seashore, there are several karst coral reefs, which are covered by bushes and trees. They become a wonderful feature of the beach, after all. Not to mention they give a perfect and comfortable nuance to the location. Even though the hills are not suitable for climbing, they become a superb background for photography! Another feature is the traditional canoes, which are seen sometimes on the shore. They belong to villagers, actually.

Exploring Banos Beach
It is true Banos Beach is the main attraction in Banos Island. The question is what people can do there. According to tourists, they come to Banos to enjoy a small adventure. It is as simple as walking on the sand and watch stunning sea scenery. They don’t even need to wear their sandals or any footwear, as the sand is quite soft. No trash and harmful objects are scattered on it, as well. Overall, beach walking is recommended there.

The next activity is to hunt giant shell’s skins. This one is popular among children, actually. With parents’ supervision, kids can explore all parts of Banos Beach in comfort. The water is considered safe for them either. However, kids are not allowed to get in the water without parents’ guide! It is better to build sandcastles or other safer fun activities like shells’ skin hunting. With all these options, the beach becomes an option to perform a family outing. Any families can take advantage of it.

Once people spend some time in Banos Beach, they can start exploring nearby attractions. Many types of natural lures are available near to such beautiful coast. For example, there is Sunmalele where tourists can explore valuable and beautiful arts of the ancient settlement. There is also Harfat Hill, on which people can climb and explore. From the top of it, the scenery is flawless and breathtaking! It is definitely worth an effort despite the slippery landscape.

Nearby Attractions

  • Misool Island
  • Harapan Jaya Village
  • Harfat Hill
  • Sunmalelen

How to Get There
The first destination is Sorong City, as Banos Island is located near to such checkpoint. For those coming from Jakarta, their prime destination is Eduard Airport, which is located in Sorong. Next, they must head to Sorong Port to rent a speedboat or similar transportation services. Their objective is indeed Banos Island, where the beach is situated.

Where to Stay

  • Misool Eco Resort
  • Hotels in Sorong City

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