Saporkren Village in Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat Regency

Raja Ampat Regency is part of Indonesia and it becomes travelers’ choice for holidays. It consists of many islands and the biggest one is called Waigeo. In such majestic island, a valuable village resides. The name is Saporkren, which is famous among tourists. It is also the center of comfortable homestays and natural attractions. Due to its popularity, the village has been acknowledged by foreigners, as well. No wonder, it becomes a recommended vacation destination for those visiting Raja Ampat and West Papua Province.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the village is a neater than other villages in Raja Ampat. Not to mention the environment is clean and comfortable. A formation of traditional houses becomes a common sight there. Also, many types of trees grow abundantly and surround the village. These include coconut trees, bushes, pines, and much more. Despite lacking facilities, Saporkren Village should be proud of its homestays! These become tourists’ best spot to relax and enjoy good foods. Another excellent feature is the beach, which looks stunning and serene.

Exploring Saporkren Village
Many types of natural attractions are available in Saporkren Village, including Batu Pensil. It is a unique karst, which has the shape of a pencil. It also becomes the prime attraction there. What people need to do is to rent a speedboat or traditional canoe to reach such spot. Still, it is not available for climbing so tourists can only witness and take some pictures of it. The rent fee is considered a little bit pricey, especially during weekends. Thus, learning some negotiation skills is compulsory.

What’s next? Saporkren Village is also famous for its cave. It is the location for a small adventure, especially for nature lovers. On top of that, it is easy to reach! Next, it is time to visit the beach. People can go either swimming or snorkeling in the location, as the water is calm. Like other diving sites in Raja Ampat, Saporkren offers stunning corals and fishes. These nautical attractions are located about 3 meters underwater, so even beginners can explore them.

Another fun activity is bird watching! As the name suggests, visitors might visit a certain spot to witness local birds, especially Cendrawasih (Birds of Paradise). It takes about an hour to reach the habitat of those birds, though. Despite the tiring trekking, it is worth the effort. That means Raja Ampat has two popular villages for bird watching, which are Sawinggrai and Saporkren. The thing is only red Cendrawasih is often seen in Saporkren. This explains why such settlement is more popular than other villages when it comes to bird watching.

Nearby Attractions

  • Waisai City
  • Mansuar Island
  • Kawe Island

How to Get There
For those visiting Waigeo Island, two different checkpoints are available. First, they can take an airplane to Marinda Airport, which resides in Waisai City. Another option is to take similar transportation service to Eduard Airport in Sorong City. From there, they need to rent a speedboat in Sorong Port and head to Waigeo Island. That’s all.

Where to Stay

  • Waigeo Villa
  • Waiwo Dive Resort
  • Cottage Water Waigeo

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