Stunning Sauwandarek Beach in Meos Mansar District, Raja Ampat Regency

These days, people are into nature tourism. That means they are looking for a new vacation destination, which offers flawless nature and rejuvenating atmosphere. In this case, Raja Ampat becomes a good reference. It is because many types of nature attractions are available in such archipelago and one of them is Sauwandarek Beach. As the name suggests, the location is in Sauwandarek Village and it belongs to Meos Mansar District. The settlement is also located near to Waisai City. That means people can easily reach the location without hassles. So, what can people do on the beach?

The Nuance
The most noticeable part of the beach is the white sand. It has a soft texture and flawless beauty, so tourists won’t get hurt when walking on it. Next, it is related to the sea. The crystal clear water would mesmerize everyone. The waves are calm and the atmosphere is warm! No wonder, visitors would spend much time in the water for swimming and snorkeling. What’s next? Sauwandarek Beach is famous for its lush vegetation, which grows abundantly near to the shoreline. That means the nuance is quite shady and comfortable.

Exploring Sauwandarek Beach
Apart from the white sand, the beach is famous for its nautical beauty. The seascape appears quite majestic with calm waves and crystal clear water. Due to this reason, people are likely to get in the water and witness numerous types of sea creatures. These include small seahorses, blue ring octopuses, mantis shrimps, various fishes, etc. In fact, some barracudas and tunas live in the sea near to Sauwandarek Beach. That means both snorkeling and diving are popular in the location. The fact is some dive spots are suitable for beginners.

What’s next? It is true snorkeling is a prime tourist activity in Sauwandarek Beach. Though, people can do other things. Once they explore the sea, it is time to drop by in nearby village. In the location, they can see numerous traditional houses and local culture. It also becomes an opportunity to try local foods! Next, they can visit a nature pond, which is located near to the village. It is said a white turtle lives in the pond, which is considered sacred.

Overall, Sauwandarek Beach is a famous vacation spot in Waisai City. It is even more popular among foreigners. Thanks to the pristine nuance and majestic seascape. Not to mention the location is quite reachable, especially from Waisai City. People only need to take a local transportation service from the capital of Raja Ampat Regency to such stunning beach. They don’t even need the help of a tour guide.

Nearby Attractions

  • Dampier Strait
  • Sauwandarek Village
  • Yenauwyau Nature Pond

How to Get There
Sauwandarek Beach belongs to Meos Mansar District. To be exact, it is located on Waigeo Island. There is only one option to reach the island, especially for those coming from other provinces. It is Marinda Airport, which is located in Waisai City. From there, travelers only need to take local transportation service to Sauwandarek Village. Lastly, it takes a small walk to reach the beach.

Where to Stay

  • Waigeo Villa
  • Waiwo Dive Resort
  • Cottage Water Waigeo

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