Jaam Beach in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

It is likely all travelers would like to spend a holiday in Raja Ampat Regency. Featuring many islands, such region becomes tourists’ popular destination, especially those who are visiting West Papua Province. Here is a reference. The name is Jaam Island, which is famous for its stunning beach. It is recognized as the home of numerous types of sharks. In fact, there are about 17 species of sharks living in Raja Ampat Archipelago, and Jaam Beach becomes one of the best spots to witness them.

The Nuance
Most tourists determine the beauty of a tour spot by its appearance or description. What about Jaam Beach? Well, it consists of several beautiful features. For example, it is the small coral reefs, which are scattered in the seashore. Next, it is the crystal clear water and shallow beach. Not to mention it is quite warm, so tourists can play or swim in it comfortably. Near to the shoreline, there is even a petite island, which is actually a coral reef. Some bushes grow on it, in fact.

Exploring Jaam Beach
For beginners, exploring Jaam Beach seems troublesome as they have no references to fun activities. Well, the most popular thing about the beach is the existence of sharks. With a proper guide of a diving instructor, people are able to explore the underwater scenery and witness those sharks in a safe manner. That means beginners are not allowed to carelessly get near to the habitat of those wild animals. Not to mention they should wear a proper gear and learn some spots for diving.

Apart from diving, Jaam Beach becomes a good spot to witness some local fishermen. Somehow, it becomes a good background for photography. The thing is some of those people are into the sharks. That means they might illegally hunt those animals due to the value of the fins. The good news is the number of bad fishermen decreases over time. Thanks to the local government. They keep preventing the practice of illegal fishing, so tourists are still able to witness those sharks in Jaam Beach and other spots in Raja Ampat.

Another thing to do in Jaam Beach is to visit the lonely coral reef, which is located in the midst of the sea. Tourists can even reach it by swimming. However, the locals often provide a boat to visitors. It takes some money, though. Once they get near to such object, they can take selfies in front of it. The thing is tourists can’t climb onto the coral, as the landscape is not suitable for it. As an alternative, photography and sightseeing are recommended.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pelee Island
  • Warakeraket Island
  • Misool Island

How to Get There
To get to Jaam Beach is situated in South Misool District, Raja Ampat Regency. For backpackers, take an airplane to Sorong City first. In this case, the destination is Eduard Airport. Next, they need to reach Sorong Port and rent a speedboat to South Misool District, where Jaam Island resides. The beach belongs to the island, after all.

Where to Stay

  • Harapan Jaya Inn

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