The Entrance Fee

The Raja Ampat Regency Government is proud to announce the introduction of a tourism entrance fee system to help support the conservation and community projects within Raja Ampat tourism. To all tourists that entering Raja Ampat are required to purchase an entrance tag.

The entrance fee for foreign visitors is Rp 500,000/person/calender year (approximately US$55) for which they will receive a waterproof plastic entrance tag featuring a photo from Raja Ampat.

For all Indonesian visitors from outside Raja Ampat are required to pay Rp 250,000 and will receive an entry card. The annual tags and cards will be valid from January 1st until January 31st of the following year.

This tag system has been adapted from the very successful Bonaire and Bunaken Marine Park systems. The visitors are required to carry their tags or cards at all times, these tags can be easily fixed to guests’ snorkeling or diving gear or to their dive bag. The entrance fee system will be enforced through spot checks conducted by official patrols. The money collected is managed by a multi-stake-holder management team (Tim Pengelola) and it is divided between tourism development, conservation, and community health projects.

For the visitor who want to purchase the entrance tag can directly go to the dive operator on diving spot, or go to the Raja Ampat entrance fee management team which has established a booth at the Sorong Airport during the arriving guests and purchase the tags.

At this time, payment must be in rupiah, though they will endeavor to expand this to at least US$ and Euro in the future. In this case, the guest buys the tag and the receipts are filled in with the following information: guest name, country of origin, tag number, passport number, and email address (optional if the guest would like to receive further information about Raja Ampat conservation efforts). To ensure accountability the guest receives their copy of the 2 receipts, the accompanying dive operator representative receives their copy, and the management team’s copy is directly entered into the guest database.

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